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Recently Awarded NSF Projects in Quantum Information
August 18, 2022

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Dr. Francisco Elohim Becerra

Quantum Measurements for Continuous-Variable States with Photo Counting

This project will demonstrate optimized quantum measurements for coherent states and their superp…

Quantum advantage attested by nonlocal games
July 22, 2022


It is a long standing challenge to show that quantum computers can do something classical computers cannot. While most examples rest on assumptions of a particular problem’s classical hardness,…

Spring 2022 Graduation!
May 4, 2022


Please join us in congratulating the following CQuIC graduates!

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics: Karthik Chinni, Maneul H. Muñoz Arias, Adrian S. Orozco, and Changhao Yi

Master of Science of…

QNM Symposium Roundup
April 19, 2022



New Mexico’s longstanding history of being on the forefront of quantum computing has now brought together some of the greatest leaders in the field to propel us into the Second Quantum …

3 of CQuIC's Early Career Researchers Featured By QSA
April 14, 2022


The Quantum Systems Accelerator has been catalyzing the quantum information science (QIS) ecosystem since its foundation in 2020 as a National QIS Research Center. In recognition of the new generation…