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Postdoctoral Fellow Highlight:  Chris Jackson
December 11, 2020

Photo of Chris Jackson.jpg

Chris Jackson, CQuIC Postdoctoral Fellow, joined CQuIC in April 2017 and is leaving at the end of the calendar year to become a postdoc at Sandia Livermore. Chris will join the group of Mohan Sarovar…

Postdoc Highlight: Sayonee Ray
December 4, 2020

Photo of Dr. Sayonee Ray

When hiring four postdoctoral fellow in 2017 to work at CQuIC under the NSF funded Focused Research Hub in Theoretical Physics (FRHTP) project, CQuIC broadened its scope when it hired Dr. Sayonee Ray…

Postdoc Highlight: Dr. Rafael Alexander
November 11, 2020

Photo of Dr. Rafael Alexander

CQuIC bids farewell and best wishes to Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Rafael Alexander who is moving to the next phase in his career at RMIT University.  Raf came to UNM a little more than three years…