Miyake Research Group

Quantum Computation & Many-Body Physics

 Miyake Group 2023

The Miyake group is the dynamic collaboration of one young group leader and aloha-attired students. We work seriously, however, on the theories of quantum computation and quantum information under the motto: "Physics out of information". Although a newcomer in physics, quantum information science has spurred rapid development in our ability to interface and control quantum systems, as well as our understanding of quantum mechanics itself. Its major goals include the development of a quantum computer, which exploits the exotic properties of quantum mechanics to perform calculations faster than any ordinary classical computer. We participate in the STAQ (Software-Tailored Architecture for Quantum) Co-design project, which is National Science Foundation's largest quantum computing project to date.

As a novel interdisciplinary field, quantum information also enables us to tackle long-standing questions in quantum many-body physics, condensed matter physics, and quantum chemistry from a new angle. Our recent research interests lie at this interface, with particular focus on the phenomena of symmetry-protected topological orders and their relation to quantum computation. We are excited by the new insight that quantum information offers into these subjects, as well as the utility these phenomena possess for quantum computation.

Photo: Akimasa Miyake

Group Leader:
Akimasa Miyake

Associate Professor

Research interests:  Theory: Quantum information, quantum computation and simulation, quantum many-body physics, quantum chemistry.

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