Dr. Becerra Awarded Grant

June 6, 2023


UNM Department of Physics & Astronomy Associate Professor Francisco Elohim Becerra was recently awarded an $800,000 research grant for a research project titled, Nonclassical atomic spin ensembles based on coherent feedback and quantum eraser.

This is a Department of Defense Research and Education Program for Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions (HBCU/MI) Grant.

This grant allows us to study fundamental questions about the interaction of light and matter, and further our understanding of the capabilities of atomic systems for building metrological technologies with performances that go beyond conventional sensors,” said Becerra.

“For UNM, this grant will enhance capacity in quantum information sciences, a field that is expected to have a large technological impact in the near future. It will support experimental research in quantum information that will complement well-established theoretical work in quantum information at UNM.”

The Quantum Optics group performs research focusing on the study of the quantum properties of light and matter for optimal methods of measurement, information transfer, and communications. "We are interested in the study of measurements with sensitivities beyond conventional limits of detection for communication and metrology, and the study of quantum-state superpositions from the interaction of light and matter for quantum information processing," said Becerra. "We are part of the Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) at The University of New Mexico with collaborations spanning quantum information, quantum networking, and microscopy and biology." 

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Congratulations Dr. Becerra and thank you for your efforts in expanding quantum research!