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Assistant Professor Milad Marvian wins NSF Career Award
March 28, 2023
Milad Marvian has been awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award. This five-year project aims to develop mathematical frameworks to design and analyze low-overhead quantum error correction and fault-tolerant quantum computing schemes. In addition, the project also explores the minimum requirements for reliable quantum computation. Congratulations, Milad!


Quantum New Mexico Exchange Workshop inspires collaborative opportunities for the next generation of leaders in QIS
March 28, 2023
Last year, some of the greatest powerhouses in Quantum Information Science (QIS) came together to advance research, education, workforce, and economic development through the launch of Quantum New Mexico (QNM). On Friday, March 3rd, the Quantum New Mexico Institute (QNM-I) advanced this effort by holding an Exchange Workshop dedicated to building critical collaborative connections between UNM faculty, postdocs, and Sandia National Laboratories.