CQuIC Welcomes Postdoctoral Fellow, Tzula Propp to CQuIC

October 5, 2020 - Gloria Cordova

Photo of Dr. Tzula Propp

CQuIC welcomes Dr. Tzula Propp as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Recently, Tzula completed their PhD in Quantum Information Theory at the University of Oregon where they worked with Steven van Enk exploring the fundamental limits and trade-offs intrinsic to the detection of single photons. Along the way, they developed expertise in quantum measurement theory and quantum optics. Here at CQuIC, Tzula is excited to continue and apply this work to the study of Quantum Key Distribution, as well as deepen their understanding of quantum measurement. Once in Albuquerque, Tzula looks forward to mentoring PhD students, enjoying the sights and tastes of Albuquerque, and those chance hallway conversations that lead to the best research collaborations and friendships.