CQuIC bids farewell to Prof. Pablo Poggi

January 10, 2023 - Ivan Deutsch


Pablo Poggi, Research Professor of Physics & Astronomy and member of the Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC), is leaving the University to become a Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow Scotland. Pablo joined CQuIC in 2018 as a postdoctoral fellow of the newly formed National Science Foundation Focused Research Hub in Theoretical Physics (FRHTP). Together with his cohorts, Drs. Rafael Alexander, Christopher Jackson, and Sayonee Ray, Pablo laid the foundation of excellence upon which the FRHTP is built, which was renewed as an NSF Quantum Information Science Theory Hub for the nation in alignment with the National Quantum Initiative Act. As a postdoc, Pablo pursued independent projects, mentored numerous PhD students in their dissertation research, and was the co-instructor for an advanced summer course on group theory in quantum information science. In October 2020 he was promoted to Research Assistant Professor.

As a research professor, Pablo took on new leadership roles. He jointly supervised the PhD dissertations of Manuel Muñoz and Karthik Chinni with Prof. Ivan Deutsch and helped mentor them to successful defenses and postdoctoral appointments. During the COVID-19 pandemic shut down, he launched a virtual seminar series as a YouTube Zoom webinar covering quantum chaos and quantum information. He was the organizer of the CQuIC Seminar which successfully transitioned from all Zoom to hybrid/in-person visits delivered by top QI scientists from around the world.

Pablo’s research breaks new ground at the interface of quantum control, quantum chaos, open quantum systems, and complexity. He also leads collaborative research in these areas with the experimental group of Prof. Poul Jessen at the University of Arizona, one of the cofounders of CQuIC. Through these efforts, Pablo was awarded an NSF Quantum Information Science Collaborative grant as a co-PI, entitled “Advances in Quantum Control and Noise Mitigation on a Highly Accurate Testbed.”

Some of Pablo’s key research accomplishments include:

  • A new methods for quantum control that enabled implementation of a highly accurate quantum processor for intermediate-depth quantum simulation.
  • Simulating the nonlinear dynamics of collective spins via quantum measurement and feedback.
  • Connecting nonlinear dynamics, chaos, and bifurcations to errors in digital and analog quantum simulation.
  • The discovery of Floquet time crystals in driven spin systems with all-to-all p-body interactions.
  • New insights in characterizing complexity in quantum chaos.

Pablo has been a pillar of the CQuIC community who has helped grow its interdisciplinary footprint as it transitions to the next stage as a university wide center for quantum information science and engineering. Pablo will be missed not only for the multitude of his contributions, but for his sense of humor and spirit which has helped bind us.

We’ll miss you Pablo – we wish you the best in your journey.