Faculty Associate, Martin Kirk to Partner with CQuIC

August 16, 2019 - Gloria Cordova

CQuIC welcomes Distinguished University Professor Martin Kirk, of UNM Chemistry & Chemical Biology as a CQuIC Faculty Associate, effective August 12, 2019. Professor Kirk is a physical inorganic chemist and spectroscopist working on molybdenum enzymes, electronic structure contributions to molecular wire behavior, and the control of excited state processes. The quantum information science research being performed in his group is focused on the optical generation and manipulation of spin qubits in molecular systems. His research group employs a combined spectroscopic approach augmented by detailed bonding calculations to provide keen insight into the electronic structure of these novel transition metal – radical complexes, furthering our understanding of excited state lifetimes, excited state magnetic exchange interactions, and optical generation of entangled spin qubits. As an associate member of CQuIC, Professor Kirk looks forward to interactions and collaborations with the members of CQuIC.