CQuIC Welcomes Faculty Member, Susan Atlas

August 14, 2019 - Gloria Cordova

Photo of Susan AtlasCQuIC welcomes Professor Susan Atlas, of UNM Physics and Astronomy as a CQuIC Faculty, effective August 12, 2019.

Professor Atlas is a theoretical chemical physicist working on electronic structure and atomic interactions, with particular emphasis on electron correlations, entanglement and chemical bonding, and the development of quantum-informed dynamical force fields for atomistic simulations.  She is interested in developing new algorithms for mapping quantum chemical methods onto emerging quantum computer architectures.  The research performed in her group is focused on understanding how quantum effects such as charge polarization and charge transfer impact the structure and properties of proteins and materials.  Her group is very interested in the study of natural molecular machines, intrinsically-disordered proteins, and non-equilibrium electron-atom dynamics.  As a faculty member in CQuIC, Professor Atlas looks forward to interactions and collaborations with other CQuIC faculty, postdocs, and students.