CQuIC Welcomes Professor Elizabeth Crosson

September 10, 2018 - Gloria Cordova

Photo of Elizabeth CrossonPlease join us in welcoming Elizabeth Crosson as a regular faculty member of CQuIC as she takes up her position as UNM Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy beginning September 1, 2018. Professor Crosson will also serve as a Project Director (PD) for CQuIC’s NSF grant-supported FRHTP project.

Prof. Elizabeth Crosson most recently worked as an IQIM Postdoctoral Scholar at the California Institute of Technology with John Preskill. Her research touches on several theoretical aspects of quantum computation, including adiabatic computation and optimization, quantum error correction, and Hamiltonian complexity. Her goal at UNM is to work with graduate students and continue doing research both on fundamental long-term questions in quantum information science, and also on developing immediate applications of the noisy intermediate-scale quantum computing devices that are now becoming available. She also plans to build a high-performance computing system dedicated to performing classical simulations of quantum systems. Prof. Crosson will be teaching a special topics course on quantum information in the Spring Semester 2019. Please welcome her to the CQuIC team.