Becerra’s group publishes article on multiple coherent states in Journal of Optical Society of America B

March 19, 2018 - Leanne Yanabu

Becerra Article Illustration

Dr. Elohim Becerra Chavez’s research group recently published Implementation of a single-shot receiver for quaternary phase-shift keyed coherent states in Journal of Optical Society of America B

Measurement strategies for multiple coherent states based on single-shot measurements with photon counting can be useful for high bandwidth communications with high spectral efficiency. The quantum-optics group led by Elohim Becerra at UNM investigated implementations of optimized multi-state discrimination strategies based on single-shot measurements extending previous work to include realistic situations with noise and imperfections, which impact the achievable performance of the measurement. The implementation with noise and imperfections allows us to identify the experimental requirements to outperform the sensitivity limit of an ideal heterodyne measurement and can guide future demonstrations of these measurements with high efficiency single-photon detectors surpassing the heterodyne limit.

The full article can be found online.