Photo: Nicolas Menicucci

Nicolas Menicucci

  • Senior Research Fellow

Current Work Location:
RMIT University, Melbourne
School of Applied Sciences 14.6.5 RMIT University GPO Box 2476 Melbourne, VIC 3001 AUSTRALIA

/ +61 3 9925 2886

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  • PhD Physics (Princeton 2008)
  • BS Physics (UNM 2002)


Continuous-variable quantum information and quantum computing, quantum optics, relativistic quantum information


A UNM alumnus from 2002, Dr. Nicolas Menicucci is now a permanent faculty member at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. His current position is Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer. He is known for pioneering the theoretical and experimental development of continuous-variable cluster states for quantum computing and for important contributions to relativistic quantum information theory, especially in the area of entanglement harvesting from quantum fields.