Research at CQuIC

Our research focuses on four main areas: Quantum Information and Computation, Quantum Optics and Communication, Quantum Control and Measurement, and Quantum Metrology.

Quantum Information and Computation

Research topics: quantum information theory, quantum algorithms, computing architectures, computational complexity, fault-tolerance, error-correction, quantum thermodynamics, and quantum simulations.

Research snapshot: Syndrome measurements in quantum error correction can be used for estimation of parameters of an error channel, and for hypothesis testing to distinguish error channels. Together with machine learning and control algorithms, syndrome measurements allow for in-situ characterization of quantum devices with error correction. For other examples of research in Quantum Information and Computation, see the research-group sites below.

Research groupsBarnum, Blume-Kohout, Caves, Deutsch, Landahl, Miyake, Somma.

Quantum Control and Measurement

Research topics: Coherent control, control on qudit systems, and fundamental questions of optimal control and algorithms, quantum tomography, and weak measurement


Research snapshot: Optimal quantum control applied to the ground-state manifold in Cesium atoms for full control of quantum states in high-dimensional spaces for the generation, control and measurements of qudits with high fidelity. For other examples of research in Quantum Control and measurement, see the research-group sites below.

Research groups: CavesDeutschJessen.


Quantum Optics and Communication

Research topics: Quantum optics, Quantum communication, and Measurements of Optical States.

Atom-Ensamble Source Website

Research snapshot: The interaction of light and atomic ensembles allows for the generation of entangled photons for transmitting quantum information, and transferring this entanglement between flying qubits and atoms, working as atomic quantum memories. These elements can enable quantum repeaters for long-distance quantum communication. For other examples of research in Quantum Optics and Communication, see the research-group sites below.

Research groups: CavesDeutschBecerra

Quantum Metrology

Research topics: Continuous quantum measurement and spin squeezing, quantum tomography, weak measurements, and the informational foundation of quantum metrology. 


Research snapshot: Quantum states of light and matter can be used to increase the sensitivity of measurements.  The collective spin state of atomic ensembles prepared by the back action of the dispersive interaction with light provides a way to prepare states with high degree of squeezing for quantum enhanced metrology. For other examples of research in Quantum Metrology, see the research-group sites below.

Research groups: Caves, Deutsch, Blume-KohoutBecerraJessen, Stick