CQuIC faculty are engaged in teaching the next generation of scholars in quantum information and computation. Some course materials are linked to below.

Courses Taught by Prof. Francisco Elohim Becerra

Courses Taught by Prof. Carl Caves

Courses Taught by Prof. Ivan Deutsch

Courses Taught by Prof. Akimasa Miyake

Other Courses

  • Phys 566 Quantum Optics – Deutsch
  • Phys 531 Atomic and Molecular Structure – Deutsch
  • Phys 572 Quantum Information Theory – Caves
  • Phys/CS 571 Quantum Computation – Moore, Caves
  • Phys 452/581 Introduction to Quantum Information – Landahl

Other Short Courses

  • P500G Laser Cooling – Deutsch
  • Short Course in Quantum Information – Deutsch