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Welcome to the Nanophotonics Theory group at the University of New Mexico!

The main goals of our research are:
1. To understand the fundamentals of the light-matter interaction at the nanoscale
2. To discover new physical phenomena in the field of nanophotonics
3. To propose and design new applications exploiting these advances

Join us! We are looking for highly motivated, talented, and creative graduate and undergraduate students to join our research group!

Group News

Hybridization of Lattice Resonances

Manjavacas’s Research Group publishes “Hybridization of Lattice Resonances” in ACS Nano

Research on periodic arrays in nanostructures from Dr. Manjavacas’s team could result in better biosensors, solar cells and more efficient photodetectors. In this work, the authors have developed a powerful model to understand how ordered arrays ...
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Group Leader: Alejandro Manjavacas
Assistant Professor
University of New Mexico
Research interests:
Theoretical Nanophotonics
Affiliations:  PandA at UNM