Manjavacas’s Research Group publishes “Hybridization of Lattice Resonances” in ACS Nano

Research on periodic arrays in nanostructures from Dr. Manjavacas’s team could result in better biosensors, solar cells and more efficient photodetectors.

In this work, the authors have developed a powerful model to understand how ordered arrays of nanostructures interact with light. The developed model can be used to predict the optical properties of ensembles of nanoparticles with very complicated patterns. These systems constitute a versatile platform for developing compact biosensors capable of monitoring, in real time, the levels of different substances relevant for health care. Furthermore, they can also be used to enhance the performance of solar cells and to design more efficient photodetectors.

See the article from the UNM Newsroom and the article in ACS Nano.

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Leanne Yanabu

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