Group Meeting

Below is the schedule for CQuIC’s weekly Group Meeting. The meetings consist of an hour of review of papers recent papers, followed by an hour-long presentation by a group member’s research activities, a detailed presentation of a relevant research paper, or a seminar by an external speaker.

Submit a paper (page under construction) for review at the next meeting; papers can be identified by an arXiv number, a DOI, or a URL.

The purpose of the group meeting is to communicate—and to learn to communicate by practicing—scientific ideas of interest to the CQuIC community, drawn mainly from the recent scientific literature. Quantum information has expanded into a very broad field, which includes such diverse topics and techniques that none of us can master them all. Effective communication of ideas in this broad field is an invaluable contribution to the community and helps make a center like CQuIC strong.

Here are a few tips if you decide you’d like to share an article:

Context is important. A good practice is to spend the first minute of a presentation giving an introduction that puts the paper in the context of other work. Don’t assume the audience has thought much about the topic you are discussing or knows much about it.
• Please be mindful of timing. It is typically desired that we hear from at least three or four presenters at each meeting.
• Presenters are welcome to share ideas or to make comments on just a part or section of a paper. If you see a paper that you find interesting/relevant, share it, even if you don’t have the time to study it thoroughly (give a brief summary).

There are two formats, both of which summarize the paper’s objectives and results:

  • A brief summary is a short presentation (a few to at most 10 min), where the main goal is to draw people’s attention to a paper. The presenter should comment on why the paper is relevant/interesting and on the main idea(s) the author(s) present and develop. A short comment on the model or methods that are used can also be included, if time allows.
  • An extended summary is a more detailed presentation, which typically lasts around 15-20 min. In addition to what would be a brief report, this format involves giving an explanation or description of one or more sections of the paper.

To submit a title and abstract for any presentation, please send your submission to Rafael Alexander.

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