Group Meeting

Below is the schedule for CQuIC’s weekly Group Meeting. The meetings consist of an hour of review of papers recent papers, followed by an hour-long presentation by a group member’s research activities, a detailed presentation of a relevant research paper, or a seminar by an external speaker.

Submit a paper for review at the next meeting; papers can be identified by an arXiv number, a DOI, or a URL.

There are two formats available for presentation of papers:

  • A brief report is a short presentation (around 5-10 min), where the main goal is to draw people’s attention to a paper. The presenter should comment on why the paper is relevant/interesting and on the main idea the author(s) present and develop. A short comment on the model or methods that are used can also be included, if time allows.
  • A detailed report is a more extensive presentation, which typically lasts around 15-20 min. In addition to what would be a brief report, this format involves giving an explanation or description of one or more sections of the paper.

To submit a title and abstract for any presentation, click on the green arrow to the right of the presentation below.

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