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Congratulations Qi!

Xiaodong Qi and Ivan Deutsch celebrated Qi’s Ph.D. completion at the 2018 Commencement ceremony on May 12, 2018 ...
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Enhance atom-light coupling with a “weaker” local field

Strong atom-light coupling is the key to quantum information processing with atoms and photons. It is a common belief that a strong optical field is required to generate a strong atom-light coupling. Following this school of thought, great challenges including ...
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Demonstration of the Jaynes-Cummings ladder with Rydberg-dressed atoms

THIS PAPER WAS CHOSEN AS AN “EDITORS’ SUGGESTION” IN PHYSICAL REVIEW A, Vol. 95, Iss. 4 — April 2017. Demonstration of the Jaynes-Cummings ladder with Rydberg-dressed atoms Jongmin Lee, Michael J. Martin, Yuan-Yu Jau, Tyler Keating, Ivan H ...
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Integrated quantum information processing in the dispersive regime with fewer atoms

The integration of nanophotonics with ultracold atoms opens the door to new protocols in quantum information processing. Strong entangling interactions between atoms and photons are the key ingredient. Whereas a resonant interaction can lead to the strongest entanglement ...
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Group Leader: Prof. Ivan H. Deutsch

Email: ude.mnunull@hcstuedi

Phone: 505-277-8602

Research interest: Theoretical Quantum Optics / Atomic Molecular Optical Physics, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Control and Measurement, Quantum Computation and Simulation, Quantum Chaos



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