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L to R: Ivan Deutsch, Pablo Poggi, Anupam Mitra, Karthik Chinni, Julie Campos, Manuel Munoz, Gopi Muraleedharan

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Dynamical Phase Transitions

Using measurement and feedback control to simulate complex mean field spin dynamics in quantum systems

In physical systems composed of many parts, like ultracold atomic ensembles, electrons in a superconductor, or arrays of superconducting circuits, complex dynamics emerges when the different parts of the system interact with each other. Even though typical low-energy ...
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Adiabatic rapid passage facilitates robust entangling gates for neutral atoms

Top: the sequence using spin echo and rapid adiabatic passage to implement a Mølmer-Sørensen gate. Bottom: loss of gate fidelity, measured as gate infidelity on a log scale for different levels of imperfections in the experiment; the flat ...
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Simulation Method

Measurement-based feedback control enables quantum simulation of the chaotic quantum-to-classical transition

In classical mechanics chaos in a dynamical system is related to the unpredictability arising from high sensitivity to the initial configuration. The question of how this behavior, based on the notion of trajectories on phase space, is recovered ...
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Deutsch receives APS Five Sigma Physicist Award

In April, 2019, the American Physical Society (APS) awarded Regents’ Professor and CQuIC Director, Ivan Deutsch the APS Five Sigma Physicist Award, “a pin awarded to APS members who exhibit outstanding advocacy work in addressing science policy issues.”  ...
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Group Leader: Prof. Ivan H. Deutsch

Email: ude.mnunull@hcstuedi

Phone: 505-277-8602

Research interest: Theoretical Quantum Optics / Atomic Molecular Optical Physics, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Control and Measurement, Quantum Computation and Simulation, Quantum Chaos



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