Deutsch receives APS Five Sigma Physicist Award

In April, 2019, the American Physical Society (APS) awarded Regents’ Professor and CQuIC Director, Ivan Deutsch the APS Five Sigma Physicist Award, “a pin awarded to APS members who exhibit outstanding advocacy work in addressing science policy issues.”  Prof. Deutsch was selected as an award recipient because of his “multiple advocacy actions” and communication with the APS Office of Government Affairs throughout the year.  Prof. Deutsch’s service was especially impactful in:

  • Meeting with U.S. Senator Tom Udall’s staff concerning problematic language in the original National Quantum Initiative (NQI) Act
  • Stating a willingness to volunteer for additional meetings to ensure that language in the NQI did not negatively impact other research programs

His advocacy contributes “a vital role” how the public views the (APS) discipline.” 

See the APS article.

2018 Graduate Xijie Luo

Bon voyage and best wishes to CQuIC Graduate Student, Xijie Luo.  Xijie completed the requirements for a masters degree in Physics in December 2018.   She worked with CQuIC Faculty, F. Elohim Becerra Chavez in his lab on projects in experimental quantum physics. 

Xijie returned home to China in early March 2019 for a short reprieve from academics, and to visit family.  She plans to continue her studies and pursue a Ph.D. at a university in Europe.   

Winter 2018 Graduate Ciaran Ryan-Anderson

Congratulations to CQuIC former Graduate Student, Ciaran Ryan-Anderson.  Ciaran defended his dissertation in November 2018. As a Ph.D. graduate student, Ciaran worked with CQuIC Faculty Associate, Andrew Landahl at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL).

Ciaran is now working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Swansea University (Swansea, Wales, UK) with the quantum computing group, which is lead by Dr. Markus Müller.  At Swansea University, Ciaran  will continue his work developing quantum error-correcting architectures tailored to specific quantum hardware as well as developing new quantum algorithms for those devices. “I look forward to working on exciting new projects that I will be taking a part of and collaborating with new colleagues in both in academia and industry.” 

Congratulations Travis Scholten!

Congratulations to CQuIC Graduate Student, Travis Scholten. Travis defended his dissertation September 26, 2018 and has joined the ranks of CQuIC graduates applying their skills and knowledge, and sharing what they have learned as a member of CQuIC to other work groups in the quantum science community. We are proud.

As a Ph.D. graduate student, Travis worked with CQuIC Faculty Associate, Robin Blume-Kohout at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL). He found the affiliation with SNL useful in determining what his post-PhD plans would be.

Travis is moving to Yorktown Heights, NY to work as a Quantum Computing Solutions Developer at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. His time will be split between working with clients to help them explore the use of quantum computing for their businesses and doing research in quantum computing in collaboration with IBM’s research teams. Travis is looking forward to developing applications of near-term quantum information processors, and to deepening his knowledge of the emerging quantum computing industry. “I’m sad to leave behind my friends and colleagues at CQuIC, who were a great source of stimulating ideas and who were a fun group of people to solve problems with.”