CQuIC Celebrates PhD Graduates

At the 2018 Physics and Astronomy Commencement, Elohim Becerra, Ivan Deutsch, Xiaodong Qi, Adrian Chapman, Akimasa Miyake, Jonathan Gross, Ninnat Dangniam, and Carlton Caves celebrate the PhDs awarded to CQuIC students Qi, Chapman, Gross, Dangniam, and Andy Ferdinand, who was unable to attend the ceremony.   Adrian and Jonathan still have to defend this summer, but they have sworn on a stack of Feynman Lectures that they will.  Qi is returning to China to consider his next steps, Chapman will take up a postdoc at the University of Sydney, Gross a postdoc at Université de Sherbrooke, and Dangniam a postdoc at Fudan University, and Ferdinand is also contemplating what to do next.


20th Annual SQuInT Workshop in Santa Fe

Courtesy Vadym Kliuchnikov

The 20th Annual SQuInT Workshop is currently underway in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We had a record number of 222 registrants. Everyone’s having a great time — poster session, talks, evenings out, and a celebratory banquet tonight.

CQuIC Welcomes Pablo Poggi



Please join us in welcoming Pablo Poggi to CQuIC as a Postdoctoral Fellow.  Pablo comes to us from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Pablo recently completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Diego Wisniacki and Dr. Fernando Lombardo.  Pablo’s PhD research was focused on coherent control of quantum systems.  His research interests include:  Applications of optimal control techniques to relevant problems in quantum information setups such as quantum dots, superconducting circuits and ultracold atoms; quantum many-body phenomena, such as quantum phase transitions and many-body localization, and the effects of driving and dissipation in this type of systems; and the study of the quantum-to-classical transition: thermalization in quantum systems, quantum thermodynamics and quantum chaos.  Pablo started work at CQuIC on January 8, 2018.  Please welcome him to the CQuIC team.   Pablo is looking forward to exploring the Southwest, including the state of Colorado; and also to practicing tennis in the great Albuquerque weather.