Professor F. Elohim Becerra Chavez visits Shanxi University

Professor Elohim Becerra visited his collaborator, Professor Yanting Zhao, and co-workers at the Institute of Laser Spectroscopy at Shanxi University in Taiyuan, China, in July, 2017.  Their collaboration involves the study of nonlinear optical processes in cold atomic ensembles and quantum-optical effects from the interaction of light and matter.  During his visit, Professor Becerra gave a seminar at the State Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices, presenting results on quantum measurements from his research at CQuIC.

Computing Workshops

CQuIC is sponsoring a series of Computing Workshops to help train the next generation of scientists in modern computing methods and tools. Three sessions, scheduled for 1:30 pm on May 19, May 29, and June 1, will cover topics such as data visualization, version control, automation, and computer algebra. A big thanks to Jonathan Gross, Anumpam Mitra, Xiaodong Qi, and Travis Scholten for organizing the Workshops and providing instruction. The Workshops will be held in Room 4 of Physics and Astronomy; each is expected to take about five hours. The material to be covered is based loosely on that available from Software Carpentry.

Congratulations to CQuIC Ph.D. Graduate, Jacob Miller

CQuIC PhD student Jacob Miller defended his PhD dissertation on May 3, 2017 and has completed all the requirements to be awarded a PhD in Physics. Jacob’s dissertation, entitled Measurement-Based Quantum Computation and Symmetry-Protected Topological Order, was supervised by Akimasa Miyake, for whom this is also a milestone, as Jacob is Akimasa’s first PhD student. Congratulations to both Jacob and Akimasa! We look forward to further great things from both of them.

Assistant Professor F. Elohim Becerra Chavez Wins NSF Career Award

CQuIC faculty member F. Elohim Becerra Chavez has been awarded a prestigious, five-year NSF Career Award. Elohim’s project, entitled Quantum Measurements for Optical Communications, is aimed at investigating unconventional measurements of the coherent states of light produced by a laser, to maximize the measurement sensitivity and thus enhance information transfer in communication channels, and at developing methods for overcoming the noise and loss that plague realistic communication channels. Congratulations, Elohim!