Becerra Research Group

The quantum properties of physical systems have a large potential for enabling technologies with unprecedented capabilities, and their study can provide insight into the fundamental limits of information processing and transfer between different physical systems such as light and matter. The Quantum Optics group performs research in quantum information with atoms and photons, with a focus on the study of quantum properties of light and matter for optimal methods of measurement, information transfer and communications.

The Quantum Optics group interests include the study of measurements with sensitivities beyond conventional limits of detection, and the study of quantum-state superpositions from the interaction of light and matter for quantum information and communication protocols. We are interested in studying technologies that can be enabled by these quantum systems and understanding the limits of such quantum technologies. Applications of these studies include quantum and coherent communications, metrology, and quantum information processing.

New Quantum Optics track at the OSE program at UNM

The Optical Science and Engineering program at the University of New Mexico recently announced its new Quantum Optics track. Topics in the Quantum Optics concentration include optics, lasers, quantum optics, quantum mechanics and quantum information science. Students in ...
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Group Leader:  F. Elohim Becerra
 Assistant Professor
University of New Mexico
Phone: (505) 277-2673
Research interest: Experimental Quantum Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Measurements and Quantum Information
NEW Quantum-Optics track in the Optical Science and Engineering Ph.D. program.
Topics: Quantum optics; Quantum Information and computation; Optics; Laser physics; Devices
Sponsors:  PandA and ECE at UNM